Garage Hymnal are a Sydney based worship band passionately committed to equipping the Church with songs for congregational and devotional worship. Their desire to see God glorified, His people encouraged and hearts changed also sees them regularly running training events across the country.

We at Garage Hymnal loved to worship and play together. However, life has taken each of us in wonderful new directions, and as our families grew and our ministries changed, we decided to take an indefinite hiatus in July 2015.

Garage Hymnal is a band of close friends – and we feel that when this band plays, it is truly more than the sum of its parts. It’s for these reasons, even as we bring the band to a close, that we are reluctant to rule out ever playing together again as Garage Hymnal. If given the chance, we’d love to. So, we have called it an indefinite hiatus.

We are absolutely thrilled with the way God has blessed Garage Hymnal over its 10 year history. We had a mission to see God glorified through passionate worship in all its facets, including great music with great words. We sought to equip the church with not just songs, but skills through our training events. And we’ve been privileged to witness a positive change in church music culture, as churches continue to embrace the role of song in their gatherings.

We are sincerely grateful to you all for your support of this ministry. Whether you bought an album, came to a gig, took part in a training day, or lifted your voices together with one of our songs at your church – thank you.

With our deepest thanks for being part of this awesome 10 year journey with us,

Greg, Rich, Steph, Alanna, Sass & Trent

(Garage Hymnal)

We are sincerely grateful for all your support of this ministry